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Check reported cyber abusiveness for any IP. i-AWCS a member of Project Honey Pot, Abuse IP cooperations.

Threat Scores

The Threat Rating is a metric that describes how dangerous an IP is.

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Represents the number of days since last activity (Zero means less than a day).


Search Engine
Suspicious & Harvester
Comment Spammer
Fraud Orders
DDoS Attack
Open Proxy
Port Scan
Bad Web Bot
Exploited Host
Web App Attack
SSH abuse
Internet of things abuse

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Last Reported IP's

Malicious IP Country Organization AS13354 zColo AS8075 Microsoft Corporation AS31877 GEORGIA PUBLIC WEB, INC. AS11492 CABLE ONE, INC. AS7922 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC Viet NamAS18403 The Corporation for Financing & Promoting BrazilAS27699 TELEFĂ”NICA BRASIL S.A NorwayAS9009 M247 Ltd HungaryAS9009 M247 Ltd United StatesAS46562 Total Server Solutions L.L.C.

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