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Here is how you can protect your website from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks

By on January 4, 2018

What is a DDoS mitigation ?

How a DDos attack is started - Source: webmaster911

DDoS mitigation is a set of techniques or tools for resisting or mitigating the impact of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on networks attached to the Internet by protecting the target and relay networks. DDoS attacks are a constant threat to businesses and organizations by threatening service performance or to shut down a website entirely, even for a short time.

The first things to do in DDoS mitigation is to identify normal conditions for network traffic by defining “traffic patterns”, which is necessary for threat detection and alerting. DDoS mitigation also requires identifying incoming traffic to separate human traffic from human-like bots and hijacked web browsers. The process is done by comparing signatures and examining different attributes of the traffic, including IP addresses, cookie variations, HTTP headers, and Javascript footprints.

One technique is to pass network traffic addressed to a potential target network through high-capacity networks with "traffic scrubbing" filters.

Manual DDoS mitigation is no longer recommended due to DDoS attackers being able to circumvent DDoS mitigation software that is activated manually. Best practices for DDoS mitigation include having both anti-DDoS technology and anti-DDoS emergency response services such as Arbor Networks, Incapsula , Allot, Akamai, CloudFlare or Radware. DDoS mitigation is also available through cloud-based providers.

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