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Why i-AWCS?

We are Certified & Verified From McAfee SECURE. i-AWCS devote a good amount of resources to offer FREE help for online business's to protect their sensitive files/data from being shared or leaked by Google Hack vulnerability. There is huge amount of educational resources online showing how to get juicy files from Google Hacked sites, but almost nobody cares to notify those websites to take necessary actions and protect their exposed data, but we i-AWCS do care, and that is our mission. We have seen hundreds of web sites protected by cloud security solutions, but still vulnerable to Google Hacks. We established partnership with INCAPSULA - Partner ID:410831 and SiteGuarding - Partner ID:10308 see partners section below for a complete list of partners, and we also a member of Project Honey Pot. In i-AWCS we develop our own website application security protection,and IP monitoring tools, but we don't try to re-invent the wheel, here our partnerships become effective. i-AWCS are Lead by a talented CTO, who is among a 250 worldwide certified Internet security experts.

Our Website Security Services

We scan your website for famous web application vulnerabilities. Get help now if your website has been blacklisted or hacked. We check :

  • Search Engine Website Blacklisting
  • Injected SPAM
  • Security Miss-configuration
  • Fishing redirects for mobile users

Google Hacks (Dorks)

Web sites have left many of their business related files Excel sheets, PDF's, images, SQL backups, and website backup files open and accessible to hackers. We have seen Universities, Schools, E-commerce websites, and others exposing very juicy files open to everybody. FREE SCAN - CALL NOW

Google Hacks Honeypot

It is the reaction to a new type of malicious web traffic: search engine hackers. It is designed to provide reconnaissance against attackers that use search engines as a hacking tool.

Website Security, Sitelock, Incapsula, DDoS, CDN Packages

We offer a managed security services for a wide range of CDN, website firewall, website Antivirus and protection from Top ten OWASP threats. We install, monitor and take corrective actions for you. Website AntiVirus & Firewall

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FREE IP LookUp Tools

We are working on free set of tools that will allow you to know if your website visitor is a known Harvester, Spam Server, Dictionary Attackers, Comment Spammers, or a search engine crawler, and many others Also we check any IP against dnsbl based spam blocking list. IP Threat Score LookUp

Mobile Spyware Reviews

Call recording and being able to listen to a live call are possible. They can be used on also for spying on computers. Flexispy and mSpy are the top two. Get our Mobile Spying eBook

VPN Providers Reviews

VPN is an essential for online privacy and for penetration testing activities. Any serious search engine scrapper must be equipped with a good VPN that can work with Linux.
The 5 Eyes Surveillance

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Our WebSite Security Solutions




Scan for

  • 70 vulnerabilities in FSDB
  • 400 vulnerabilities in GHDB
  • Website Blacklisting



Small Businesses

  • Scan for 100 vulnerabilities in FSDB
  • Fix only 1 type of Google Hacks vulnerabilities
  • Basic email report



Professional Blogs

  • Monthly Scan for 150 vulnerabilities in FSDB
  • Monthly Scan for 1000 GH vulnerabilities
  • Fix 12 Google Hacks vulnerabilities
  • Brief report
  • Check for Injected SPAM, Malware, Search Engine Blacklist
  • Security Miss-configuration
  • Check for Fishing redirects for mobile users
Most Popular



High Traffic Websites

  • All from BASIC package, Plus:
  • Monthly Scan for 175 vulnerabilities in FSDB
  • Monthly Scan for 1467 GH vulnerabilities
  • Fix all Google Hacks vulnerabilities
  • Monthly report
  • Monitoring for suspicious IP activity

We specialize in Web Application Security,
IP & Google Hacks Monitoring

About Us

Early 2016 our web security team were focused on web-scraping, search engine technologies and web encryption projects. The more our projects grow, the more we noticed compromised websites. We can be easily talking about thousands of websites exposed to public eyes and hackers. Most of those websites share one thing in common, they are SMB's or Education websites. The team set out to answer the basic question: "How web applications can focus on their online business without information leak concerns?

We launched i-AWCS in April 2016, i-AWCS is a trademark owned by H.World.

Our security team is led by a security professional with more than 26 years of cumulative team experiences in telecommunication service provider, government and internet security industries. Our security lead holds many well-recognized certifications (eg. JNCIA (AC), JNCIA (IDP), JNCIS (ENT), JNCIS (SSL), JNCIS (FWV), JNCIS (SEC), JNCIP (SEC) ) and we constantly innovate new products using our strong knowledge of web, security and encryption.

How It Works

  • 1 Send us a request to assess your website vulnerabilities.
  • 2 Our Team scan your website & report our findings and recommendation.
  • 3 Client approve our recommendations & complete payment.
  • 4 Our team protect & fix your website from vulnerabilities.
  • 5 Your website will monitored continuously for 30 days.